a recent update

Hey friends, turns out, I'm still here. Just been busy. I updated my About and Project pages with my latest info. Hoping to have times to bring some blog posts this autumn.

Cheers, Masen

migrating the site

Today, I've begun migrating this site, as well as all other sites which I previously hosted at JustHost (shared hosting) over to a shiny new VPS located in a data center in New Jersey. The new hosting provider is DigitalOcean, and they provide $5/month VPS boxes with 20gb SSDs and unmetered bandwidth (well it's unmetered for me because I signed up early, otherwise very affordable). If you're looking for a reliable hosting provider and prefer the do-it-yourself approach over a canned solution like cPanel, by


classic content archived here

Today I stumbled across an old blog database of posts that I'd published in the summer after my freshman year. In my desire to archive my content and own it (as I've mentioned several times), I have migrated that content to this site. Each of these "rescued" posts bears the classic tag.

This is a Development Site

After a weekend hack-a-thon which extended to this morning (and perhaps throughout the rest of my life), I deployed my latest version of this site this morning.

Although it doesn't look much different, the way it's edited, generated, and rendered is mostly new. As I describe on my projects page, I've been working on going static since about July, but I've been working especially since last Friday.

The result is that now my site doesn't require python on the webserver. Although python is used to build out al


masenf.com goes live

After a month of waiting and sitting on my design, I finally decided it was time to go live with the new site layout. I'm not doing this because I feel it's particularly good or finished, but mainly because my old theme was making very restless and I wanted a nice clean place to write and share some thoughts and information with the world.

I'll be improving the site in the coming months and adding more integration features such as commentary. For now, feel free to dm me on twitter or shoot an email.

The new