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I'm sailing away

I was about to call this a problem, but upon further review, that seemed rather one sided. What I'm referring to is the human survival mechanism I call labeling. While we don't fully understand the capacity and mechanism of our own brains, I'll say from experience that thoughts are easier to process and take care of when they are simpler. That's my theory as to why we name things.

It is very likely more enriching to go about in the world just observing, and restraining judgement upon the people and thing


we are power

the mall

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The biggest failing of modern society is the collective unconscious understanding that we are powerless, unable to affect change, and improve our situations. It's easier to just get a job, take care of your self and your own, and keep quiet about the things which ail the world.

The society that we've created, this consumerist, capitalist, and overly stimulated society thrives on the assumption that the masses are weak. The masses are malleable, you can model the public reaction based


time travel is weird

"Time travel is weird" - Samantha Warring

Nonsense right? Time travel doesn't exist, and if it gets invented at any point in the future, we'd concievably know about it now.

"No I mean moving forward, we do it all day, every day"

Well that's an interesting way to think about life, we're never still in the physical world. Always rotating on a rock, flying through space, traversing ever forward in the limitless dimension of time.

Time is the final dimension because after a moment has passed, that same moment


what are your goals?

A question that often comes up in my line of personal study is "Why do people do what they do?" It's an admittedly broad question because there are many layers of decision making that go on within our minds that dictate our behavior. There is no simple 'why' which explains any action; in my experience the more i try to drill down into the 'primary why', the other whys become more prominent. Things don't line up. Further who am I to suggest that I can answer the question for other people? To pursue the to...

learn to want, less

i've been learning over the past few weeks that wanting things is a waste of energy. The primary problem with wanting things is that acquiring things often does not result in one wanting less. In fact, wanting and attaining tend to lead to wanting more. For many of us, it is pretty clear that wanting things brings about small-quantity, short-duration 'happiness' (if it could be called that). What is less clear is the outcome of wanting a different situation or wanting the situat...


"If we want authenticity, we must initiate it."

-- Travis Rice

The Art of Flight

Society - A set of social norms, behaviors, beliefs, and culture held in common by individuals. From the enlightenment idea of the Social Contract, it is assumed that with society comes mutual benefit, protection, and safety. Civilization vs. savagery, justice vs. power. It's a great promise and an evolutionary step in the


home is where the heart is

I ventured 'home' this weekend to Longview, WA to visit my lovely mom for mother's day and spend some time with family. It's been a great weekend (it usually is when I avoid the L-town bar scene) and I couldn't have asked for better interactions with those who I love.

That said, it's been strange---ever since I moved out in 2009---to realize that life happens here even when I'm not around. People change and grow, and as much as it feels like it, life doesn't stop when I'm n...


Over to the left of the restaurant, a small group of college students are conversing with each other. Judging by their body language, it's fairly clear that only one of them knows everyone else at the table. Maybe the others know a few names.

I can feel the tension, the emotional guards, and the nervousness: "I'm in a group of people, what should I say next?". The control in these situations is often primal and rooted in the ego. The group dynamic is such that low-quality ...

talking to god

"So we're not obliged to "please" you or follow your alleged guidelines or anything like that?"

"Absolutely not. Never issued a single guideline in the lifetime of this Universe. Have to find your own way out of the maze. And one early improvement is to stop expecting me - or anyone else - to come and help you out."

-- Harry Stottle

Almost sounds crazy enough to believe even...

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