a simple stack of rocks

In the past, I've been fascinated by the abstraction of complexity. I drooled over complexity for complexity's sake, which is why my "simple" online presence had ballooned across 5 virtual servers, 1 internal server, self-hosted mail, dns, xmpp, self-hosted dynamic dns, and an extremely brittle set of ansible scripts tying everything together. It was, uh, let's call it fun.

Then things started to become untenable. I have a day job. It was different in college when my side-job was managing servers -- I us


goodbye domain

Over the past several months, I've been slowly trying to reduce my dependence on external (read: out of my control) services as much as feasibly reasonable. Given that I was a server admin in a past life, this gets egregious pretty quickly.

I'm running several websites, mail server, xmpp, monitoring, backups, and code repositories; and there is never enough time to 'keep up' with my main gig and life responsibilities. But recently, I started to feel the Dynamic DNS strain when I began to have more hosts to