home is where the heart is

I ventured 'home' this weekend to Longview, WA to visit my lovely mom for mother's day and spend some time with family. It's been a great weekend (it usually is when I avoid the L-town bar scene) and I couldn't have asked for better interactions with those who I love.

That said, it's been strange---ever since I moved out in 2009---to realize that life happens here even when I'm not around. People change and grow, and as much as it feels like it, life doesn't stop when I'm not around. I come by every month or so and for the most part, it feels like a continuous experience. It feels like I never left, but the town is different. My friends are gone.

I saw my cousin last night. I see him every time I'm in town, so naturally I assumed he's over here at my parent's house all the time. He hasn't been over since the last time I was in town. It sinks in...

tags: philosophy anecdote