Questionable SNI Support in older IE


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In my current job, I tend to take on the maintenence responsibility for a large obsolete code base which is still being used, but doesn't currently have active maintainers on staff. It's usually low impact work, a few bug fixes here and there, and people stay happy. The software in question is a PHP survey app, which is still in frequent use by various departments at the University. It's one of those pieces of software that other folks would consider to be a lot more important that we do. So n


migrating the site

Today, I've begun migrating this site, as well as all other sites which I previously hosted at JustHost (shared hosting) over to a shiny new VPS located in a data center in New Jersey. The new hosting provider is DigitalOcean, and they provide $5/month VPS boxes with 20gb SSDs and unmetered bandwidth (well it's unmetered for me because I signed up early, otherwise very affordable). If you're looking for a reliable hosting provider and prefer the do-it-yourself approach over a canned solution like cPanel, by