iTunes crashes the OS X Dock

iTunes 11 icon

Since this is the second time I've had this happen to me, I figured I'd post the relevant fix here for my future benefit. Essentially what happens is, everytime the song changes in iTunes, the Dock process gets an unhandled exception and is forced to restart. I have observed this under OS X 10.7.4 and OS X 10.7.5 and under iTunes 10.6 and iTunes 11.0. It only happens when I reformat my disk and then restore my files via rsync (I don't use TimeMachine actually so I'm not sure if that's a factor or not).



classic content archived here

Today I stumbled across an old blog database of posts that I'd published in the summer after my freshman year. In my desire to archive my content and own it (as I've mentioned several times), I have migrated that content to this site. Each of these "rescued" posts bears the classic tag.

we are power

the mall

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The biggest failing of modern society is the collective unconscious understanding that we are powerless, unable to affect change, and improve our situations. It's easier to just get a job, take care of your self and your own, and keep quiet about the things which ail the world.

The society that we've created, this consumerist, capitalist, and overly stimulated society thrives on the assumption that the masses are weak. The masses are malleable, you can model the public reaction based


This is a Development Site

After a weekend hack-a-thon which extended to this morning (and perhaps throughout the rest of my life), I deployed my latest version of this site this morning.

Although it doesn't look much different, the way it's edited, generated, and rendered is mostly new. As I describe on my projects page, I've been working on going static since about July, but I've been working especially since last Friday.

The result is that now my site doesn't require python on the webserver. Although python is used to build out al


down the puppet hole

down the puppet hole

In my post a few months back, I was discussing some DNS issues we were experiencing while deploying puppet to some workstations in the ResTek office. Unfortunately, after the issue with the faulty init.d start scripts was resolved, half of the machines were still not 'calling in' to the puppetmaster. I should mention at this point that the current version of puppet in the Ubuntu repositories is 2.7.11; naively, this is the version that we are running.

After sifting through bug reports and working on othe


time travel is weird

"Time travel is weird" - Samantha Warring

Nonsense right? Time travel doesn't exist, and if it gets invented at any point in the future, we'd concievably know about it now.

"No I mean moving forward, we do it all day, every day"

Well that's an interesting way to think about life, we're never still in the physical world. Always rotating on a rock, flying through space, traversing ever forward in the limitless dimension of time.

Time is the final dimension because after a moment has passed, that same moment


Cory Doctorow: the coming war on general computation

Last year at 28C3, Cory Doctorow delivered a powerful keynote talk about his vision of controls in the general purpose PC market. It's a semi-apocalyptic state of affairs when you realize that he's right. There is profit (and other) incentives to limit what you can do with your computation devices.

I'd say this video was the highlight of 28C3. In the wake of all the 29C3 that will be coming out, I couldn't let this gem go unnoticed. Well worth watching (or rewatching).

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Event: 28th Chaos Comm