Reasons for Continuing the War on Drugs

  • Funding for government departments creates cushy bureaucratic jobs
    Become a DEA agent
  • High scarcity markets create cushy jobs in the narcotics sector
  • Advancements in the art of long-term non-violent incarceration
  • No one in power will ever have to change or give up their views, ever
  • Think about the Children!
  • It's a good reason to harass and search minorities, hippies, ravers, and other people you may not like


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learn to want, less

i've been learning over the past few weeks that wanting things is a waste of energy. The primary problem with wanting things is that acquiring things often does not result in one wanting less. In fact, wanting and attaining tend to lead to wanting more. For many of us, it is pretty clear that wanting things brings about small-quantity, short-duration 'happiness' (if it could be called that). What is less clear is the outcome of wanting a different situation or wanting the situat...