puppet requires DNS

PuppetWorking at ResTek over the summer is a much different experience than working during the school year. For one: I am now working 40 hours per week (up from 15), and also many more people are working in the office regularly which makes collaboration easier. All this leads to an environment where things get done in a third or less of the time it would 'normally' take to complete. And the bugfixing is very intense.

The first big project that's nearing completion is a new deploy...


I'd like to share my latest bit of frustration regarding the various 'answer' sites out there. I'll preface this rant by explicitly excluding sites of the StackExchange variety or forums which are answering specific questions, often in regard to implementation or opinion on how to best accomplish a task (even then, often these sites' users do provide valid citations or justifications).

Okay, I gave away the main premise already...These other answer sites like WikiAnswers or Yahoo Answers may be great for us