migrating the site

masen, 06 February 2013

Today, I've begun migrating this site, as well as all other sites which I previously hosted at JustHost (shared hosting) over to a shiny new VPS located in a data center in New Jersey. The new hosting provider is DigitalOcean, and they provide $5/month VPS boxes with 20gb SSDs and unmetered bandwidth (well it's unmetered for me because I signed up early, otherwise very affordable). If you're looking for a reliable hosting provider and prefer the do-it-yourself approach over a canned solution like cPanel, by all means this is a dream.

All that said, I'm in the process of getting everything moved over, so I'll be watching for 404s on all pages. If there was content here before that is currently missing (doubtful), please shoot me an email or a tweet and I can try to locate it. This same applies for other domains I host as well.