time travel is weird

masen, 09 January 2013

"Time travel is weird" - Samantha Warring

Nonsense right? Time travel doesn't exist, and if it gets invented at any point in the future, we'd concievably know about it now.

"No I mean moving forward, we do it all day, every day"

Well that's an interesting way to think about life, we're never still in the physical world. Always rotating on a rock, flying through space, traversing ever forward in the limitless dimension of time.

Time is the final dimension because after a moment has passed, that same moment will never be repeated and can never be returned to. Any concept or memory of the past is a chemical reaction occuring NOW. Although one can easily return to a physical place (in locality or in the universe, which technically just has a different reference point), we are cooerced to travel monotonically through time.

The conclusion that I naturally draw is that there is no past, in fact there is no future either. Our time traveling nature permits us one temporal thing in our lives: this present moment. My fingers pressing the keys as I write this post, THIS happens now, nothing else.