Cory Doctorow: the coming war on general computation

masen, 06 January 2013

Last year at 28C3, Cory Doctorow delivered a powerful keynote talk about his vision of controls in the general purpose PC market. It's a semi-apocalyptic state of affairs when you realize that he's right. There is profit (and other) incentives to limit what you can do with your computation devices.

I'd say this video was the highlight of 28C3. In the wake of all the 29C3 that will be coming out, I couldn't let this gem go unnoticed. Well worth watching (or rewatching).

  • Event: 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28C3) by the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]
  • Location: Berlin Congress Center [bcc]; Alexanderstr. 11; 10178 Berlin; Germany
  • Language: english