Reasons for Continuing the War on Drugs

masen, 23 September 2012

Funding for government departments creates cushy bureaucratic jobs Become a DEA agent

High scarcity markets create cushy jobs in the narcotics sector

Advancements in the art of long-term non-violent incarceration

No one in power will ever have to change or give up their views, ever

Think about the Children!

It's a good reason to harass and search minorities, hippies, ravers, and other people you may not like

America never loses a war! This is America dammit!

Alcohol and Tobacco provide all the joy that you'd ever need. safe and legal

Having never tried drugs, it's safe to say they have nothing to offer

Can't let decades of time, billions of dollars, and a whole fear campaign go to waste…or let Reagan down

Drugs have no place in society

And last, but certainly far from least: