learn to want, less

masen, 20 September 2012

i've been learning over the past few weeks that wanting things is a waste of energy. The primary problem with wanting things is that acquiring things often does not result in one wanting less. In fact, wanting and attaining tend to lead to wanting more. For many of us, it is pretty clear that wanting things brings about small-quantity, short-duration 'happiness' (if it could be called that). What is less clear is the outcome of wanting a different situation or wanting the situation at hand to be different. When we do this, we get trapped. We get trapped in our mind's conception of how things ought to be, losing all focus on how things are. Acceptance of the situation and honest transcendence of judgement can allow us to glimpse reality as it truly is. And appreciate it for it's simplicity. We make life complicated, when we believe that we could be fulfilled by anything besides the present moment. Embrace life; Embrace change.