about me: august 2012

masen, 24 August 2012

Samantha and I in Seaside, OR (Feb 2012)Samantha and I in Seaside, OR (Feb 2012) I currently reside in the city of subdued excitement – Bellingham, WA – about to enter my final year of Computer Science at Western Washington University. While amassing technical skills and experience in my field of study, the journey itself has taught me more about life. I’ve learned to put less emphasis on factors outside my control to focus on the aspects of life that I most certainly do control: how I feel and how I react.

To let the situation of the world stand on its own and disassociate my sense of self with those external factors. A key factor to being content therefore is to not wish the world were different than it is–but rather to accept the state of reality and choose the most fitting course of action at the time. Life doesn’t have to be hard =].

J. Scott Williams and I in the 32nd Street Machine Room (March 2, 2012)J. Scott Williams and I in the 32nd Street Machine Room (March 2, 2012) After graduating, I plan to leave this small town which I’ve come to love in exchange for the fast paced city life and promised prosperity. The pacific northwest has a hold on me which I can’t shake, nor do I want to, so Seattle or Portland it is. But as they say, the future doesn’t exist; I could spend time living or spend time making plans–easy decision