i need a new home

masen, 13 July 2012

So, I've been paying about $5/month to host this site along with several other domains for myself and my comrades. Given the price point, i feel like I could probably do better than shared hosting. While I haven't had any specific problems, my site (obviously) does not draw that much traffic. If any posts or information hosted here or on any of my other hosted sites goes viral, it could very easily bring the entire server down. Not only would I likely be reprimanded for such an event, it's worse knowing that potential visitors would get turned away.

So what really set me off on this mindset? Would you want your sites running on a server with top(1) stats like this:

top - 16:47:45 up 33 days, 21:23,  1 user,  load average: 22.58, 20.83, 20.38
Tasks: 1459 total,   5 running, 1434 sleeping,   0 stopped,  20 zombie
Cpu(s): 25.8%us,  7.8%sy,  1.2%ni, 64.0%id,  1.1%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.1%si,  0.0%st
Mem:  32945572k total, 31836616k used,  1108956k free,  1113392k buffers
Swap:  8388536k total,  1149512k used,  7239024k free, 18647572k cached

Now I don't think that's as bad as it initially looks, "That server has 900Mb of free RAM!" But those load averages really freak me out. Sometimes the server load gets to over 25.0. Also, there's a lot of folks with zombie php5 processes just hanging out (20 right now!).

Recently there was a hardware swap with some downtime when JustHost migrated my account to a new server. Unfortunately, instead of upgrading the infrastructure, they "sidegraded" it. I was moved from a single server hosting myself with about 30-40 other accounts to a faster consolidated server which AFAIK is serving an upwards of 150 accounts.

This is just never a place that i'd want to seriously host anything, except for this site. Cheers!