masen, 08 June 2012

I'd like to share my latest bit of frustration regarding the various 'answer' sites out there. I'll preface this rant by explicitly excluding sites of the StackExchange variety or forums which are answering specific questions, often in regard to implementation or opinion on how to best accomplish a task (even then, often these sites' users do provide valid citations or justifications).

Okay, I gave away the main premise already…These other answer sites like WikiAnswers or Yahoo Answers may be great for users looking for some quick homework help, or those who are too lazy to do their own research, but dammit why are they in google search results? It's especially frustrating to me when I'm trying to find articles or pieces of information which can be verified and/or backed up by a trusted source only to find pages and pages of garbage posted by clueless internet users.

I'm glad that such a service exists and empowers people to help others or whatever you want to say about it, but why is it acceptable to just post random things with no citation or basis whatsoever? How does that help anyone? Oh I have a webpage, I can write whatever I want. Great. But if You can't verify it, it has no meaning!

In conclusion, these sites need to die (or be DMCA removed from google haha). Kthnx back to my essay =]