goes live

masen, 17 April 2012

After a month of waiting and sitting on my design, I finally decided it was time to go live with the new site layout. I'm not doing this because I feel it's particularly good or finished, but mainly because my old theme was making very restless and I wanted a nice clean place to write and share some thoughts and information with the world.

I'll be improving the site in the coming months and adding more integration features such as commentary. For now, feel free to dm me on twitter or shoot an email.

The new site design is making use of Twitter's bootstrap.js framework for the frontend, and some custom python CGI talking to sqlite on the backend. It's nothing fancy, but it will run essentially anywhere. In fact, my hosting provider, JustHost, does not provide a suitable Python environment with 2.7 & SQLite, so I compiled by own interpreter and tossed it in my home directory. My stack is running self-sufficiently from my home directory and I could easily move it anywhere with minimal effort.

This all aligns with my greater strategy to own my information and my ability to move it at will. So why didn't I write it in perl? Still can.

"Though I'll admit readability suffers slightly..."

Larry Wall (of Perl fame)